Development History

In 2023

Adjusted the company's competitive strategy, with high quality, high efficiency, and good services as the core, strengthened internal management, and enhanced the company's competitive soft power.

In 2020

Implemented a major customer development strategy, and transformed the customer structure into channel customers such as real estate decoration, door factories, and high-end customization.

In 2019

A showroom in Oriental Xingye City was opened, upgrading and promoting customized finished products.

In 2017

Invested 1.5 million yuan to add a UV coating production line and enhanced the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.

In 2016

Our national factory headquarter was set up and a brand development strategy was implemented.

In 2014

Newly added thick veneer workshop and won honorary certificates such as Guangdong Famous Brand and Chinese Famous Trademark.

In 2010

Established a flagship store in Houjie and promoted the brand chain business model.

In 2007

Invested 20 million yuan to build production workshops for plywood and  blockboard.

In 2005

Awarded the China Environmental Labeling Product Certificate.

In 2003

Invested 25 million yuan to establish a branch factory in Shangdong.

In 2002

Awarded the title of "Dongguan Houjie Enthusiastic Donation of Learning Talents Unit" and awarded the Gold Award Certificate at the Hong Kong World Chinese New Technology and Products Expo.

In 2001

The registered trademark of  "Tongli"  was officially approved by the state.

In 1999

Our company was officially established.