• Engineered Wood Veneer Sheets

    Engineered Wood Veneer Sheets

    Engineered wood veneers (EV), also referred to as reconstituted veneers (recon) or recomposed veneers (RV), are a type of re-manufactured wood product. Similar to natural veneer, engineered veneer originates from a natural wood core. However, the manufacturing process di...
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  • Teak Wood | Teak Wood Veneer

    Teak Wood | Teak Wood Veneer

    Teak veneer, a timeless and revered material in the realm of woodworking, embodies a perfect marriage of beauty and durability. Derived from the teak tree (Tectona grandis), teak veneer offers an exquisite blend of rich golden-brown hues, intricate grain patterns, and na...
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  • MDF Vs Particle Boards

    MDF Vs Particle Boards

    In the realm of home renovation and furniture making, choosing the right material is paramount. Among the array of options available, MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) and particle board stand out as popular choices due to their affordability and strength. However, underst...
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  • 8 Common Wood Specie – Veneer Plywood/Veneer Mdf

    8 Common Wood Specie – Veneer Plywood/Veneer Mdf

    1.Birchwood (Caucasian Birch / White Birch / Southwest Birch) originates from the European mainland, excluding the Mediterranean region; North America; temperate Asia: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. Birch is a pioneer species, easily sprouting in secondary forests. Neverthe...
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  • What is fancy plywood

    What is fancy plywood

    What is fancy  plywood Fancy Plywood, also known as decorative plywood, is created using precious tree species, cut veneer, and imported matte papers of various colors as raw material over a base of plywood, fiberboard, or particleboard.It is often decorated with exquisi...
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  • Plywood Supplier From China  | Tongli

    Plywood Supplier From China | Tongli

    Concise Introduction Dongguan Tongli Timber Products Co, Ltd. was established in 1999 is a modern large-scale enterprise that specializes in manufacturing high quality fancy plywood, commercial plywood, UV coating wood veneer panels, natural veneers, dyed veneers, recons...
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  • How to Remove Mould On Plywood

    How to Remove Mould On Plywood

    Factors Contributing to Mold Growth In regions where the climate is consistently warm and humid, mold growth in indoor furniture and cabinets due to moisture is a common issue. During indoor decoration, framing lumber is generally used as the skeletal structure, followed by the application of var...
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  • Pre-Finished Plywood

    Pre-Finished Plywood

    What is prefinished veneer plywood Pre-Finished veneered plywood, a pioneering invention in the woodworking industry, is challenging traditional woodworking craftsmanship with its "manufactured in the workshop, quick installation onsite" approach. As the name suggests, t...
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  • What is veneer plywood

    What is veneer plywood

    Veneer plywood is a type of plywood that has a thin layer of hardwood (veneer) attached to the surface. This veneer is often glued on top of a more common and less expensive wood, giving the plywood the appearance an...
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  • Plywood thickness | Standard Plywood Sizes

    Plywood thickness | Standard Plywood Sizes

    Standard Plywood Sizes Plywood is a highly versatile building material, offered in a variety of sizes to cater to different requirements. The most standard size is a full sheet of 4 feet by 8 feet, which comes in handy for a wide range of applications, including wall con...
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  • Wood Veneer | Chian Manufacturer | Tongli

    Wood Veneer | Chian Manufacturer | Tongli

    Wood veneer panels, timeless and aesthetic, add a touch of sophistication, warmth, and character to your interiors. Choosing Tongli denotes a preference for superior quality, exceptional craftsmanship, and distinctive design.   Elegance in Aesthetic + Function  ...
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  • What Is Veneered Mdf

    What Is Veneered Mdf

    Introduction Definition of veneered MDF - MDF panels with a thin veneer layer on surface Manufacturing Process Veneered medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product constructed by applying a thin layer of decorative wood veneer to one or both faces of M...
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