8 Common Wood Specie – Veneer Plywood/Veneer Mdf

1.Birchwood (Caucasian Birch / White Birch / Southwest Birch) originates from the European mainland, excluding the Mediterranean region; North America; temperate Asia: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. Birch is a pioneer species, easily sprouting in secondary forests. Nevertheless, some birch comes from the primary forests of Scandinavia, Russia, and Canada. Mainly used for floors/plywood; decorative panels; furniture.

[Introduction]: Birchwood is one of the earliest trees formed after the glacier retreat. Cold-resistant, fast-growing, and has a strong immunity to diseases and pests. Birchwood has slightly noticeable annual rings. The material is delicate, soft, and smooth, with a moderate texture. Birchwood is elastic, it is prone to cracking and warping when dried.

birch wood

2.The Black walnut originates from North America. Mainly used for furniture; floor/plywood.

[Introduction]: The black walnut is abundant in North America, Northern Europe and other places. The sapwood of walnut is milky white, and the color of heartwood ranges from light brown to dark chocolate, occasionally with purplish and darker stripes. Walnut has no special smell or taste. It has a straight texture, with a structure that is fine to slightly coarse and even.

Black Walnut

3.Cherry wood (Red Cherry / Black Cherry / Black Thick Plum / Red Thick Plum) originates from Europe, excluding the Mediterranean region; North America. Mainly used for furniture; floor/plywood; musical instruments.

[Introduction]: Cherry wood is mainly produced in North America, and commercial wood comes mainly from the eastern regions of the United States.

American Cherry  wood

4.Elm wood (Green Elm (Split Leaf Elm)) (Yellow Elm (large fruit Elm)). Green elm is mainly distributed in the northeast and north China. Yellow Elm, mainly distributed in the northeast, north China, northwest, green, Gan, Shaanxi, Lu, Henan, and other places. Mainly used for furniture; floor/plywood.

elm wood

5.Oak wood originates from Europe, North Africa, temperate Asia, and temperate America. Mainly used for furniture; floor/plywood; decorative panels; stairs; doors/windows.

Oak wood

6.Teak wood. It originates from Myanmar. Mainly used for floor/plywood; furniture; decorative panels.

Teak wood

7.Maple wood. Moderate weight, fine structure, easy to process, smooth cutting surface, good painting and gluing properties, warping when dried.

maple wood

8.Ash wood. This tree has rather hard wood, with straight grains and a coarse structure. It features beautiful patterns, demonstrates good rot-resistance, and withstands water fairly well. Ash wood is easy to work with but not easy to dry. It has high resilience, and it adheres well to glue, paint, and stains. With excellent decorative performance, it's a frequently used timber for furniture and interior decoration

white ash wood

Post time: Mar-25-2024
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