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Blockboard is a type of engineered wood panel that consists of a core made of solid rectangular blocks of softwood or hardwood, sandwiched between two outer layers of wood veneer. The blocks are usually arranged with their grains running perpendicular to the outer veneer layers.

Blockboard offers a combination of strength, stability, and cost-effectiveness, making it suitable for various applications in furniture manufacturing, interior design, and construction. The solid wood blocks in the core provide stability and resistance to warping, while the veneer layers on the surface add aesthetic appeal.

The construction of blockboard involves using high-quality adhesive to bond the blocks together, resulting in a strong and durable panel. The outer veneer layers can be made from different wood species, allowing for versatility in terms of appearance and finishing options.

Blockboard is commonly used in applications such as doors, shelves, tabletops, partitions, and wall panels. It provides a stable and consistent surface for woodworking projects and can be easily cut, shaped, and finished according to desired specifications.

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