Dongguan Tongli Timber Products Co., Ltd. 24 Years of Excellence and Innovation

In the heart of the vibrant Pearl River Delta lies a testament to dedication, innovation, and the timeless art of timber craftsmanship, Dongguan Tongli Timber Products Co., Ltd. Since 1999, our expansive modern enterprise has been the embodiment of high-quality prefinished and unfinished veneer plywood, fancy plywood, veneer boards, and commercial plywood. Behind the name 'Tongli' is a promise of superior product quality — a promise we've kept alive through our diligent workforce, cutting-edge technology, and systems sourced from Japan and Taiwan.

As we stepped into 2023, we dedicated our 24th year to celebrate not only how far we've come but also to the journey that lies ahead. Our 24th-Anniversary event unfolded as a spectacular testament to our thriving journey.

The event kicked off with guests signing in and making their grand entrance. Following the element of introduction was the viewing of the company promotional video. Our esteemed General Manager, Mr. Li , graced the stage to deliver words that echoed our 24 years of resilience and innovation, and the spirit of Tongli Timber.

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A highlight of the evening was the award ceremony that recognized the ones who have pushed boundaries and contributed tremendously towards our goals. The Employee of the Year, Newcomer of the Year, Best Manager, and Sales Champion were awarded, fostering a tangible sense of collective pride. This spirit extended to external ties as well with the Excellent Supplier award. The Best Department award, however, reaffirmed our teams' synergy in striving for the success of Tongli Timber.


2023 was a year of immense achievement and marked advancements for us, as it saw the completion of the upgrade of our UV coating equipment. This development not only exemplified our commitment to incorporating state-of-the-art technology but also significantly increased our daily productivity, ensuring an output of 5,000-6,000 faces per day.

Our showroom embraced a transformation that reflected our evolving product range and the orderly categorization of our products. This upgrade was a depiction of our commitment to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for our clients.

We also significantly enhanced our market presence in 2023. Our foreign trade team extends our reach across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East markets through effective expansion strategies. Our increased investment earmarked our presence in numerous B2B e-commerce platforms, leading to a more robust market presence. We opened several avenues for multi-channel marketing, including overseas social media platforms.

Our growth over the years reflects a simple principle we've always held dear — 'Create our brand name and offer high-quality products'. Our belief in this principle has driven us to unrivaled success in the timber industry. Our efforts have resonated with our clients, not just domestically but on an international scale.

 We remain committed to continuing our innovative legacy and expand new horizons in the timber business. Join us as we embark on our unabated journey to offer an unmatched fusion of quality, innovation, and commitment. Here's to the next chapters of our journey, as we at Tongli Timber carve our way forward, creating a synonymous link between our name and trust.

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Post time: Jan-02-2024
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